Tech EQuity Week (@TEQWEEK) is the nation’s inaugural gathering featuring more than 30 high profile tech companies, startups, and non-profits making social impact and working collaboratively to showcase and celebrate the future of tech equity.

Powered by Qeyno Labs in partnership with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the TechEquity Collaborative and the Alliance for Community Development, Tech EQuity Week (@TEQWEEK) aims to develop opportunities for engagement between social impact organizations and tech companies with the local community to deepen and advance a more equitable tech ecosystem. @TEQWEEK will be accessible to everyone and anyone with an interest in the future of tech company diversity, digital technology inclusion, gender parity, and STEAM education access.

“Tech Equity Week is a hallmark in the tech inclusion movement and it makes sense that Oakland be the launch city to such a momentous event in Silicon Valley history.”

— Kalimah Priforce, Headmaster CEO of Qeyno Labs – Creators of TEQWEEK